Welcome to the Tenant Rights Party.


My name is Anthony Ziebell and I launched the Tenant Rights Party after hearing about so many injustices on a website I created called Don't Rent Me. For years I felt as though my work and the courage of tenants who use the Don't Rent Me tenant advocate website would someday institute change in government policy and promote mutual respect, appreciation and fairness between tenants, landlords and real estate agencies.

What I have learnt over this time is that tenants definitely feel that their rights are worth protecting. Many landlords and real estate agencies however do not share the same view. Instead of trying to work with us in resolving disputes, landlords and real estate agencies have tried all sorts of underhanded methods to unsuccessfully have the public review removed.

The rights of all Australians are sacred and should be vigorously defended. We are a proud nation which values itself on a fair go. That said;

It is time for something new

What I now know is the likelihood of change through public awareness and advocacy websites like Don't Rent Me are but one step in the right direction. The website and others like it are not enough to see a level of change that will be required to reach the objectives of accessible tenant rights and support, anti discrimination and housing affordability at a national level.

It's a "David and Goliath" battle of epic proportions that simply must be brought to the doors of Parliament House and must be represented at a federal level. This is because:

  • The real estate industry is extremely resistant to effective change
  • Parliament is dominated by members who stand to benefit from our campaigns never seeing the light of day
  • The laws are currently state-by-state and vary between the states
  • ... and no matter where in Australia you live, you deserve your rights as a tenant - rights which are shared by all Australians

More about me

I am an Information Technology professional having worked with computers and starting my own business (with the help of my parents) since the age of just 12 years old.

I started my career by creating a popular online role-playing game as well as showing a keen interest in cryptography and other high-tech areas focused on the internet. At around the same time, I was responsible for exposing a flaw in credit card technology which subsequently gave me my first opportunity and commercial experience as a Software Developer - having left school to focus on building commercial software and help provide ideas on ways to get around the flaw I had exposed at such a young age.

During the years that followed, I was able to learn a great deal from others and have built a few small businesses, from the ground up, that operate out of New South Wales, Australia. Those businesses include a Software Development business, Tyre & Automotive retail business and various websites and online communities.

Having grown up with the internet from a young age, I was exposed to and understood the importance of freedom and fair rights for all. I take these matters seriously and cannot stand to see any Australian robbed of their rights and any situation which is unfair. Being a business owner I have learnt the art of diplomacy and negotiation, and I've also learnt what it is to effectively lead a team, how to respect the individual needs of people inside a team and how to encourage people to grow their own strengths and capabilities.

In all of my objectives, including the Tenant Rights Party, I always look to my team and family for support and objective comment. I am proud to say that I have the full support of my team and family, along with tenants from all around Australia.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to representing you and standing for your rights in the next federal election. I will not stop until I have achieved results for you.

Please read about our National Tenancy Body, Anti Discrimination and Housing Affordability campaigns. We need you to join the fight for tenant rights!

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