National Tenancy Body

The problem

Australia is quite different to the rest of the world when it comes to renting conditions, attitude toward tenants, their rights and support. As a tenant in Australia, you can expect to experience any of the following, and for some, these issues can be experienced time and time again:

  • Poor, unhygienic, dangerous & unhealthy living conditions
  • Slow to non-existent repairs on important issues
  • Misleading advertising
  • Non-disclosure of pre-existing issues with rental accommodation
  • Insufficient time allowed to inspect potential rental accommodation
  • Discrimination of applicants based upon legal life-style choices
  • Rapid increases in rent (see housing affordability)
  • Lack of long-term lease options
  • Intrusive questioning and short notice inspections
  • Unreasonable requests from landlords and real estate agents
  • Numerous breaches of state tenancy acts by landlord and real estate agents
  • Retaliatory rent increases
  • Unfair claims on rental bonds at end-of-lease
  • Real estate agencies that manage far too many properties per member of staff to be reasonably able to offer any real attention or care
  • "General advice" tenant unions who fall short of providing physical tenant consumer protection and rental rights enforcement

Unfortunately this list is nowhere near complete. The actual number of issues tenants in Australia commonly face would go on forever.

If you would like to read more about issues tenants face, our sister website Don't Rent Me is a resource for tenants who report their rental related issues.

Our solution

Tenant Rights will address these problems by creating a National Tenancy Body with a mandate over the following:

  • Handling of tenant complaints and dispute resolution
  • Follow-up and enforcement of complaints issues and tenant rights
  • Penalties for offending landlords and real estate agencies
  • No application or hearing fees for tenants
  • Limits to the number of dwellings a real estate agency can property manage for repeatedly offending real estate agencies
  • Limits to the number of investment properties for repeatedly offending landlords
  • Specific/non-generic legal advice hotline for tenants
  • The formation and administration of a National Residential Tenancies Act which sets the minimum standard at a national level
  • Public forum to raise common issues to be addressed and any gaps in the National Residential Tenancies Act
  • The formation and administration of a National Residential Tenancies Tribunal to adjudicate over breaches of the National Residential Tenancies Act
  • The formation and administration of a National Residential Bond Board where all tenants, landlords and real estate agencies are required to lodge a rental bond
  • Any dispute or claim over a rental bond will be adjudicated by the National Residential Tenancies Tribunal and tenants will be able to receive the support of the National Tenancy Body

Please read about our Anti Discrimination and Housing Affordability campaigns. We need you to join the fight for tenant rights!


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