Income VS. House Price “Time Machine”

We have created a tool below that compares the national average income to house price decade by decade in Australia.

You can customise the tool to see how you compare with the national averages of then and now. Choose between single and dual income and change the household income & house price to your situation.

What you can see demonstrated below is that each decade has always had it better off than what we are facing now and in the future. This is an unsustainable growth pattern that has already made home ownership unreachable for the nation as a whole. This will extend into the point of ridiculous if things keep going up in 2020, 2030, 2040 and beyond.

There is also a download button (bottom right) if you would like to view this document in Microsoft Excel.

We attribute this unsustainable growth to irresponsible tax incentives, such as Australia's Negative Gearing policy. Please read our Housing Affordability campaign to see how the Tenant Rights Party will address this issue for current and future generations of all Australians.

Please read about our National Tenancy Body, Anti Discrimination and Housing Affordability campaigns. We need you to join the fight for tenant rights!

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