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Important Update

Dear Visitor,

Over the past year we have all joined together to play an important part in convincing our politicians; that tenants need better rights.

I am happy to report, Labor and the Greens have listened, and they'll now have policy that they’ll take to the next election, which will deliver on important things like: -

  • Ending no-grounds evictions,
  • Better maintained rentals,
  • Home efficiency standards,
  • Protections for vulnerable groups, and
  • Better support when seeking tenant advice.

It is my belief that, now, with the support of half of Australian politics, these important issues will be addressed in the coming election.

There is however one critical issue which has not been thoroughly addressed – and that is Affordable Housing for all Australians.

This is not going to be adequately addressed as there are too many politicians who have vested interests in these parts – nor do they have the courage and knowledge to lead the nation out of the addiction it has, to housing related revenues. They also lack the foresight to lead us into economic successes that will benefit all Australians.

I am concerned if we do not act now, we won’t be able to afford to live in the houses we’ve fought so hard to have rights for.

Statistics for 2011 show homelessness across the nation was up 17% since 2006, and was sitting around 20% in the states of NSW and VIC. This is only going to grow as the housing affordability crisis worsens.

You might say that the average tenant soon could be: homeless.

So, what's next?

There would be no worth in running a horse in a race which now already aims to resolve the long-standing disparity of rights for tenants. There is however, a lot of worth in running to resolve Australia’s housing affordability crisis!

For this reason, I have accepted a role as Senate Candidate for the Affordable Housing Party. I invite you to follow the Facebook page.

The Affordable Housing Party have very smart, and very devoted people in it whose focus is the macroeconomic impacts of housing on all Australians, and with a raft of policies that I strongly agree, will correct the housing affordability crisis we all face.

It’s important that I note, my promise to tenants is not forgotten, nor has it waned. I will continue to publicly campaign for the betterment of tenants’ rights, and so too will the Affordable Housing Party, by supporting nationally consistent and improved rights for tenants, and with an extra focus on no-grounds evictions becoming illegal.

I invite you to consider joining the Affordable Housing Party to continue our joint effort. You can read the policies here and if you’d like to consider joining, please do so here.

It's been a truly inspiring campaign so far, and I look forward to working with you in the Affordable Housing Party!

Yours truly,

Anthony Ziebell
Senate Candidate
Affordable Housing Party

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